New Device - NovaTel MiFi 6630

Introducing the newest addition to Novatel Wireless’ award-winning family of MiFi Intelligent Mobile Hotspots*.

MiFi 6630 - The Most Powerful MiFi Mobile Hotspot Ever

Securely connects up to 15 devices to LTE up to 20 hours on a single charge with a built in power pack for charging external devices.

More Powerful and Remarkably Efficient

Up to 20** hours battery life... in many cases, more. Superior technology combined with power management features, only the MiFi 6630 gives you all-day power for surfing the Web or catching up on email without a mid-day re-charge. Put it in standby mode and you‘ll conserve battery life for days without ever needing to plug in.

Built in Powerpack Doubles as a Charger for Phones and Tablets

Is your smartphone battery about to flatline? Give it a boost with the MiFi 6630 universal charging feature without compromising the performance of your MiFi 6630. Now you and your devices can stay connected longer. Designed with a clear, bright, smart display - the MiFi 6630 makes it easy to find and manage device information. And, if you have a question, on-board help is right at your fingertips.