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Features and Equipment

Features and Equipment



HDTV  $10.00./mo.

Make your favourite TV come alive! Dazzle your eyes and ears with incredible picture clarity and sound quality. See movies, TV shows, and sports the way they’re truly meant to be seen. Don’t just watch the action… experience it! Your shows will come alive with incredible picture clarity and amazing sound quality when you order maxTV HD. Over 100 channels are now available on maxTV HD.



 PVR $9.95/mo.

Take control of your TV viewing experience! Life doesn’t stop just because your favourite show’s on. Pause, rewind, and replay live TV and watch it on any set-top box in your home. Record shows when you’re not home or watching something else! Don’t miss another minute.


Set-top Boxes $3.45/mo.

Put all your great maxTV services on more screens in your home. Add set-top boxes to watch TV in your living room, bedroom, rec room—anywhere! No more fighting over the remote. Give your family the freedom to watch what they want, where they want.


Free your TV $24.75/mo.

Now you can make your set-top box wireless so you can move your TV wherever you want. Enjoy maxTV movie nights in the backyard, sports on the deck, or simply get around to rearranging the living room.


RF Remote $19.99/each

Control your set-top box through furniture and even walls! With an RF remote and adapter, you’ll never have to find that one “sweet spot” again.  This remote control doesn't require a direct line of sight so it works through furniture, walls, and cabinets. Just plug USB converter directly into your set-top box and you're ready to go.


 Caller ID $2.00/mo.
See who’s calling you—on your TV screen! When your phone rings, the caller’s name and number appear on your TV screen and stay there for up to 15 seconds (about 3 rings). With maxTV™ Caller ID, you also get Caller Log. So you can see your last 50 incoming calls on your TV screen.