Caseco Mountie Universal Air Vent Cell Mount

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The Caseco Mountie Universal Magnetic Vent Mount works with any device up to 1.3 pounds. With its ultra simple grip, you can mount your phone in seconds without altering the vent. The vent clip is nearly universal, as it works on standard horizontal vents, as well as many other types. You won't believe how simple to use or comfortable it is.

  • World's Smallest Car Mount Simply the most convenient and smart way to mount your phone and keep it in sight while driving! Small enough to slip in your pocket while still mounted on your phone, but extra strong to protect your smartphone from ANY road vibrations or impacts, this mount will become your #1 necessity for all car trips!
  • 10x Easier To Use Than Any Mount Designed with User-Friendliness in mind, our Mountie can be installed in seconds! An ultra-small clip quickly attaches, as well as detaches, from any car vent! Adding practically ZERO volume to your phone, the Mountie fits on the back of virtually every smartphone, with incomparable ease!
  • Strongest Magnetic Hold On The Market So thin, it’s almost invisible, but so strong, it’s practically invincible from even the most abrupt movement/shifts on the go! The Mountie accommodates ANY phone, be it encased or not, providing the strongest magnetic hold a commercial mount could ever provide, WITHOUT damaging your phone’s internal hardware and electronic functions!
  • Full Freedom, 360° Rotation Take full advantage of your phone’s GPS, Camera and Video Recording features! The Mountie allows for 360° Rotation, affording both Vertical and Horizontal views! Holding your phone steady throughout use, you can rest assured you won’t lose focus or waste precious time adjusting your phone, concentrating instead on what you ought to do best – drive
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