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Connection Failure Protection
Your business doesn't quit. Neither should your internet.

Wipstream Sentinel gives you automatic LTE backup when your primary internet fails. When the outage is over, everything switches back to your primary Internet connection. 

No plug pulling. No calling for tech support. It just works.

Works with any internet service provider. 

Stay Online To:

Generate Sales
Keep accepting POS and online orders - your staff won't even notice a difference.

Connect to Your Customers
Support tools and cloud applications stay up with no syncing issues.

Protect Your Business
Security systems rely on stable internet to protect your business.

Internet without hiccups!

Wipstream merges your existing home WiFi with Wipstream Data to create one seriously fast connection for you.

Increase Your Cap

Wipstream doesn't chew through data like your other devices. Reduce your total data consumption by up to 50% with similar usage.

Signal Everywhere

Wipstream requires at least 1 bar of 4GLTE to work effectively. If you have a connection on your cell phone, then you'll have it on your Wipstream.

Continuous Bandwidth

Wipstream gives you internet that keeps your connection consistent. Get more bandwidth and less loading wheels.

No Waiting

Your Wipstream will start working immediately. All you need to do is plugin, set up, and enjoy your new high-speed internet.

Data Bank
Every month you get 5GB of Wipstream Data will be added to your account. Any data you don't use will be rolled over for the the next month.

Simple Setup
You have access to a device management portal where you can seethe state of your data plan, set your own passwords, purchase additional data and manage access to your device.

Additional Info

Additional Info

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