Share the Connection - 2018

Share the Connection - 2018

The Wireless Age encourages regular community involvement through our annual ‘Share the Connection’ initiative. What we do as an organization changes every year, however, a common underlying theme is bringing our team of staff together in support of important causes in the communities we operate within.

In 2018, our Share the Connection initiative focused on reaching out to families in need over the holiday season in each of the communities we operate in. In the hustle and bustle of Christmas, those less fortunate can often be forgotten about. 

Staff from across the company volunteered (even on their own time) to ensure these families were taken care of for Christmas. This included everything from purchasing gifts, preparing holiday meals, decorating, setting up Christmas trees and even buying other essentials needed by the families (winter jackets, kitchen chairs, bed frame, etc). 

A big thank you to all the staff from across the province that made this initiative a success again this year.

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