Optimum In-Home Wi-Fi

Complete coverage. Incredible performance.

With Optimum In-home Wi‑Fi, you get the latest technology giving you the best in-home Wi‑Fi experience.

Optimum Wi-Fi

  • Coverage in every room – Get wall-to-wall coverage, even in hard-to-reach areas.
  • Consistent speeds – Enjoy fast speeds on all devices throughout your entire home.
  • Connection that moves with you – Your devices are seamlessly switched to the fastest connection available for optimal performance.
  • Simultaneous streaming – Use multiple devices at the same time without slowing down.

    Get total control with the app

    Manage your Wi‑Fi with our easy-to-use Optimum In‑home Wi‑Fi mobile app. See all the devices connected to your network, monitor usage by device, change your Wi‑Fi password, and more.

    Optimum Wi-Fi App

    Professionally installed equipment

    With Optimum In-home Wi‑Fi, there's no equipment to buy or worries about setup. Our most advanced gateway and a Wi‑Fi extender are included with your monthly subscription and will be professionally installed free of charge!

    And if you’ve got a lot of space to cover, additional Wi‑Fi extenders are just $5/mo.