Fast Forward Pricing

Love having the latest phone? Then Fast Forward is for you. It’s a new way to buy so you can always get the latest and greatest phone - and it's only from SaskTel!


  1. Get a discount on the regular 2-year voice & data price
  2. Pay a small monthly participation fee
  3. Return your phone within the return period—we’ll send you a text reminder
  4. Upgrade after a year without paying your early upgrade balance

It’s that simple! Just visit a SaskTel Store or Authorized Dealer and get on Fast Forward today.


At the time of purchase, you get a significant discount on the price of the phone when you sign a 2-year voice & data contract and agree to the Fast Forward terms. You can then upgrade to the latest phone after just one year, and we’ll waive your early upgrade balance. You can choose to purchase the new phone on Fast Forward again, or choose one of our other pricing terms.

In exchange, you must return your phone to a SaskTel Store or Authorized Dealer during the Fast Forward return period (typically between 13 to 18 months after purchase) in good working condition based on specific evaluation criteria.


If you fail to return the phone, or it’s not in good working condition, you’ll be charged a payback amount (equal to the discount you received when you purchased your phone). This will be automatically charged to your wireless account on the day after your return period has ended.

If you don’t return your phone during the return period, you’ll no longer be on Fast Forward and will then be subject to the terms of a regular 2-year contract. You must wait until your contract end date to upgrade, unless you pay your early upgrade balance.


You’re required to pay a small, monthly participation fee of $3.00 for as long as you’re an active Fast Forward customer. This fee will appear on your wireless bill. If you don’t return your device within the return period or choose not to purchase a new phone on Fast Forward at time of upgrade this fee will no longer apply.


We’ll send you a few reminders by text message when it’s time to return your phone so you don’t forget and won’t have any surprises on your bill.


Here’s a few other things you should know about Fast Forward:

  • Fast Forward pricing is only available at SaskTel Stores and Authorized Dealers; it is not available online or over the phone.
  • Fast Forward pricing is only available for a limited time on select phones purchased on a 2-year voice & data contract.
  • You can select any 2-year voice & data rate plan.
  • If you don’t take advantage of Fast Forward pricing, you’ll still have the option of other pricing terms such as Plus Pricing.
  • If you want to keep your device and not upgrade you can, but you’ll be charged the payback amount at the end of your return period.
  • If your phone is not in good working condition, you can choose to have it repaired to meet the return conditions, as long as it’s still returned within the return period. (We recommend adding a device protection plan.)
  • If you terminate your wireless service before your Fast Forward return period, you’ll be required to pay the Fast Forward payback amount in addition to the Early Cancellation Fee.